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Learning & Development

Today's business is turning knowledge & skills into revenue. In the fast changing world, today it is more important to make sure that your team is continually improving its capabilities.

If your team is not always on top of the technology, your business will quickly become irrelevant in today’s competitive market.

This is exactly where EnMobi’s Learning & Development helps you. EnMobi provides all the tools you need to: - To create custom courses specific to your business for your employees - Create custom assessments to assess your team’s knowledge and gaps - Micro Learn - To helps you to train your employees short lessons in minutes to build skills. EnMobi helps you to curate instructional videos that matters to your business from the internet and share with your employees. EnMobi provides a distraction free video player with full analytics to analyze user engagements. Also EnMobi encourages and engages with employees by providing gamifications through leader boards, points, awards and digital certificates.

Content Management

EnMobi Content Management tools provides you with a completely customizable Headless CMS with built-in CDN powered by AWS CloudFront. AWS CloudFront securely deliver content with low latency and high transfer speed with more than 410 points of presence across the world. No matter where in the world your customer is living, your customer will be accessing your content in a fraction of a second. The same infrastructure that powers Amazon’s e-commerce is what powers EnMobi as well.

EnMobi also provides drag and drop no-code website builder to build your websites in minutes without any knowledge of coding. Whether you are a novice programmer or professional programmer, EnMobi got you covered as well. You can write code that can power advanced, complex websites that can integrate with products running in multiple public clouds. If you’re already using another headless CMS, EnMobi website can integrate content directly from your favorite headless CMS. EnMobi website will reduce your cost of building presentation tier for your headless CMS. EnMobi website provides you a serverless infrastructure which eliminates the need for provisioning and managing your own infrastructure in a cloud.

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